Unser Wald in Südwestfalen

Active together for our outdoor region!

Our forest is changing

What do you particularly like about the Sauerland or Siegen-Wittgenstein? Certainly the relaxing exercise in the natural landscape of our attractive outdoor region. Is this all in danger in view of the worrying reports about the bark beetle plague or a new forest dieback? No, but our landscape will change fundamentally - it will have to change.

Our forest is only partly really "our" forest.

Hikers, cyclists and walkers seek recreation in "their" forests. For tens of thousands of private and public forest owners in the Sauerland and Siegen-Wittgenstein, however, it is an economic area and thus also an important source of income and often a livelihood. For all of us together, it is a protected area for which we must stand up together. As citizens and visitors, we are guests in these commercial forests and will actively witness the process of change over many years, probably decades. The reason for this is a severe permanent crisis: storms, heat, drought and pests have weakened the forest stands - throughout NRW and also in Sauerland and Siegen-Wittgenstein. This is changing the face of our densely wooded landscape - but also in a positive way. Nature experts, forestry specialists and forest owners regularly get together and work on strategies to save our forests at home. The focus is on reforestation with resilient species and sustainable concepts. Until now, the forests in this country have been strongly characterized by spruce cultures, but in the future they will be reforested in a much more diverse way. The forest will become richer in species and more attractive.

The joint project "Our forest in Südwestfalen" deals with the current developments in the local forests. We answer frequently asked questions, provide background information and let experts have their say in short videos.

Abgeholzte Waldflächen nach dem Borkenkäferbefall.
Why is the forest doing so badly?
Here is an insight into the many causes of the current forest condition in Südwestfalen.
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Zwei Mitarbeiter des Landesbetriebs Wald und Holz NRW zersägen einen umgestürzten Baum.
What is happening in our forest right now?
There's a lot going on in the local forests at the moment. We explain what's going on in the forest right now and why.
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Ranger Ralf Schmidt blickt über die Landschaft rund um Saalhausen.
Experts have their say
Foresters, forest farmers and tourism experts talk about the state of the forest and give an outlook on the future.
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