Weitere ­ Outdooraktivitäten

Let's go outside - outdoor in many facets

The Sauerland awakens the desire for adventure in the fresh air. The green region can be explored in so many ways and offers a wide range of leisure activities. The many golf courses and golf facilities in the Sauerland are beautifully situated in the landscape. Each course has its own character, its very own charm. In terms of topography, this variety has something to offer golfers of all handicaps. But beginners can also get a taste of the sport thanks to special offers.

Accuracy is the big goal in archery, and here too, the Sauerland offers a wide selection of archery courses and facilities that can be explored and tested. In terms of landscape, the Sauerland offers not only gently rolling peaks and valleys, but also exciting rock formations and steep rock faces. And these are a welcome challenge for people who are ambitious climbers. Hundreds of routes of varying degrees of difficulty lead along the rocks and attract athletes from all over NRW to the region.

You can also explore the Sauerland on horseback, as there are numerous riding stables and boarding facilities here for horse fans of all ages. Last but not least, the region is also very popular with motorcyclists, who can relax and enjoy the many enjoyable stops along the winding country roads. On our pages you will find lots of tour suggestions for a journey of discovery.

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