What is happening in our forest right now?

What is currently happening in our forest?

A variety of works and measures are currently taking place in the domestic forest.

The forest owners are trying to tackle the necessary measures in the forests and to remove the damaged wood. However, this work cannot be accomplished in a short period of time due to its scale. The clearing and reforestation of the damaged forest stands will therefore take a long time and sometimes lead to disruptions such as closures and detour in the forests. This must always be taken into account when visiting the forest.

We therefore appeal to everyone who cares about the forest:

  • Please understand that extensive forest work is necessary in the current situation and that this is currently accompanying your forest experience.
  • Be especially attentive during your recreational activities and observe prevailing instructions and, if necessary, prohibitions.

In general, areas where wood is being cut or processed must not be entered temporarily, as being in the vicinity of this work can be life-threatening.

District forester Anna-Marie Hille shows the dramatic change in the forest, but also the currently very difficult situation for local forest farmers:

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