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Manfred Billinger 's work was created within the framework of the 1998-2001 Waymark Project of the Soest Cultural Parliament.

The opening "Ring of Power" was on 21.03.1999



Waymark - Ring of power

Hauptstraße 19

59519 Möhnesee

Telefon: 02924 981391




"Situated on the edge of a forest in a meadow, not far from the crest of the hairline, from which a fantastic view of the plain is granted, is the RING DER KRAFT.

The RING OF POWER is a set of eight sculptures in a circle with a diameter of about 18m. In the center of the circle there is a fireplace. Fire, a mythical phenomenon from time immemorial, becomes a point of power and an expression of a time dimension that also includes our very ancient past.

Four objects are made of corroded steel and can be understood in the broadest sense as the wheel of life, woman and man, day and night as an expression of different energetic qualities.

Four other objects are made of galvanized steel and represent a different level of meaning. The forms are not clearly interpretable and elude rational interpretation. It is rather the feeling, the intuition that reacts and leads the viewer into the world of myths.

Movement emerges from two wheels turning into each other. It is a harmony of the known and the unknown, an interplay that makes the whole complex a special place. The sensing of a binding other reality. The power of wishing, of becoming, of change."

Location: Vogelsang, 59519 Möhnesee-Bergede

More info at: https: //www.wegmarken-am-hellweg.de/

Image rights: Tim Reismann

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