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Ulrich Möckel 's work was created as part of the 2013 Waymark Project of the Soest Cultural Parliament.



Waymark - contour

Hauptstraße 19

59519 Möhnesee

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The trunk of a linden tree is the starting point of this work by Ulrich Möckel.

In the village of Berlingsen, linden trees flank the memorial. The place of remembrance, public commemoration and collective memory has social significance, symbolizes remembrance, admonition, call for peace.

As tree monuments, the linden trees are part of this significance of the place. They are special trees in the public space and in the tradition of the village Berlingsen. The lime tree to the right of the memorial was chosen by Ulrich Möckel to take the shape of the waymark from it.

The contour of the lime tree, the unusually meandering outline of the trunk that has actually grown like this, served him as a model for the sculpture, which was made of Corten steel. Placed vertically, it forms a waymark in the landscape.

It is a form that belongs to the work group of "contours". In various materials and materials, the artist has in the past made trees in their outline as a bronze object on the wall, cast in concrete, layered as a column, bent as a neon tube or made into an image in graphite drawings and embossed prints.

Ulrich Möckel describes the outline of a tree trunk as a contour at the point where the tree emerges from the earth into the light, i.e. directly on the ground. Contours are - like fingerprints - unique and refer to a very specific tree.

For him, the outline is a kind of lifeline: time turned into form.

Excerpt from a review by

Dr. Andrea Brockmann on Ulrich Möckel

Location: Fork of Huerweg, Kreesweg, Königstraße between
Lendringsen, city of Soest and Berlingsen, municipality of Möhnesee.

More info at: https: //www.wegmarken-am-hellweg.de/

Image rights: Werner Liedmann

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