St. Mary to the Meadow


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In the north of the Altstadt, the towers of St. Maria zur Wiese (Wiesenkirche) rise into the sky.

St. Maria zur Wiese

St. Maria zur Wiese

St. Maria zur Wiese

St. Maria zur Wiese


St. Mary to the Meadow

Wiesenstraße 26

59494 Soest

Telefon: 02921-13251



The first church in this place was a smaller Romanesque predecessor built at the end of the 12th century. However, its name at that time was "Maria in palude" (Mary in the swamp).

The foundation stone for today's parish church St. Maria zur Wiese, also called "Wiesenkirche", which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful high Gothic hall churches in Germany, was laid in 1313. An inscription names Johannes Schendeler as the first master builder. Master Porphyrius brought the church construction to a provisional conclusion in 1529/30. However, it was not until 1846 to 1876 that the towers were erected and the building was completed in 1882. Unfortunately, however, the green sandstone from Soest used proved to be unsuitable. In 1987, a large-scale renovation had to be started in the form of the complete renewal of the outer skin of the tower shafts.

The necessary scaffolding will probably continue to characterize the appearance of the church for years to come. In the three-nave, three-bay hall church typical of Westfalen, the nave is equally wide, long and high. The lightness of the construction is emphasized by the light-flooded interior of the church.

In the windows of the choir are the most important stained glass windows of the 14th century for Westfalen. The Wiesenkirche is also famous for the "Westphalian Last Supper", created around 1500. This window depicts Jesus and his disciples taking supper with beer, Westphalian ham, schnapps, pig's head and pumpernickel. A wealth of other treasures can be seen in the church interior.



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