St. Maria zur Höhe (Hohne Church)


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Impresses with magnificent and partly unusual ceiling and wall paintings as well as the only disc cross in Germany

St. Maria zur Höhe

St. Maria zur Höhe


St. Maria zur Höhe (Hohne Church)

Am Hohnekirchhof 2

59494 Soest

Telefon: 02921-2253

Fax: 02921-2811



The small three-nave, two-bay hall church from around 1220/30, also called the "Hohnekirche", was built over an archaeologically proven predecessor building. It has a very unique spatial concept. Symmetries are hardly to be found and the interior is wider than long. The result was a hall church of great developmental importance, whose idiosyncratic room layout became the model for a number of early hall churches in the Hellweg region. The substructure of the tower originates from a previous building and was integrated into the new building by means of a remarkable construction. The top floor of the tower was renewed in the Baroque style after a collapse in 1671. The 13th century paintings, which not only shape the interior but also dominate it, were created in three painting periods around 1220, around 1240 and around 1260 and were painted over for a long time. They are among the most remarkable paintings of the 13th century. All the figural representations belong to the so-called jagged style.

The most important piece of equipment of the church, besides the altarpiece created by the Master of Liesborn (around 1470), is the so-called disk cross, a unique work of art in Germany. It is a Latin cross with figuratively carved relief discs on a circular disc of 2.72 m in diameter. Only on the Swedish island of Gotland have several comparable crosses been preserved.

Also worth seeing are the organ prospect from 1679 and the Romanesque baptismal font, which is wider than the entrances leading to the baptistery.



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