St. Johannes Schützenbruderschaft 1749 e.V. Low


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founded: 1749

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St. Johannes Schützenbruderschaft 1749 e.V. Low

Hudeweg 9 a

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2925 976738



The "laudable Schützenbruderschaft der Eingesessenen des Kirchspiels Allagen sub Patron St. Johannis Baptista" was founded by the reverend pastor Melchior Semme, Johannes Casparus Linhof and Johann Henricus Luig at the request of all Schützenbrüder. The brotherhood had the first regulations and statutes registered at the "Churfürstlich Westphälischen Kanzeley zu Arnsberg" on August 9, 1749.
However, it is clear from the founding process and other documents that a more or less firm association must have already existed before the official certification. The foundation of this association would be around the year 1710.
In the year 1823 the "Younger Society of the Schützenbrüder zu Allagen" was founded. The "Ältere Allagener Schützengesellschaft" or the Sankt Johannes-Schützenbruderschaft Niederbergheim has since continued the tradition of the brotherhood from 1749. However, both associations are based on the same ideas and ideals and have set themselves the same goals.
The world wars of the past century brought endless suffering to the homeland and also to our Schützenbruderschaft. Many who had to participate in the unfortunate wars never saw their homeland again. But again and again, in these times of need, tireless fellow citizens were found who made themselves available for service in the shooting fraternity.
Decisive events in the recent history of our shooting fraternity were the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of our shooting hall in 1968 and the division of our fraternity into a North and a South Company in 1982.

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