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"Am Kahlen" is one of the 43 Sauerland-Seelenorte in the Sauerland-Wanderdorf. The history of the Sauerland-Seelenorte by Michael Gleich and other useful information can be found at

Kahlen Kapelle in Medebach

Blick vom Sauerland-Seelenort Kahlen

Sauerland-Seelenort Kahlen


Sauerland-Seelenorte - Am Kahlen

59964 Medebach



Kahlen Chapel with historical Stations of the Cross in Medebach

The chapel on the Kahlen is located about 2 km west of Medebach and was built in 1717 by the Knights of the Cross of the Glindfeld monastery. The chapel was set on fire by a lightning strike in 1910 and only the precious marble baroque altar could be saved. In 1912 the chapel was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style. Nearby there is also a burial chapel.

A Way of the Cross with its Stations of the Cross leads up to the chapel.

Text source: Touristik-Gesellschaft Medebach mbH

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