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Repair Café Warstein - Contact

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General information about the Repair Café

What is a Repair Café?

The Repair Café is an event that revolves around repairing. Tools and materials are available at the Repair Café venue to do all sorts of repairs. On clothing, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, dishes, utensils, toys, etc. Also present are knowledgeable volunteers who bring repair knowledge and skills in various areas. Visitors bring broken items from home. At the Repair Café, with the help of the experts, they tackle the repair themselves. Those who don't have anything to repair have a drink at the counter or help someone else with the repair. Or get inspired at the reading table, where books on the topics of repair and do-it-yourself are available for perusal.

Why a Repair Café?

We throw away a lot in our everyday lives. Even items that don't have much wrong with them and that could easily be reused after a simple repair. Unfortunately, repairing has fallen out of fashion with most people. They just don't know how to fix things anymore. The knowledge of how to fix things is quickly disappearing. Those who still have this knowledge are often not held in very high esteem by society and are unintentionally marginalized. The knowledge and skills of these people are not or very rarely used. Repair Café changes that! People who are on the fringes of society count again. A valuable practical exchange of knowledge takes place. In this way, objects are usable for longer and are not thrown away. The amount of raw materials and energy required to manufacture new products is thus saved. This also applies to CO2 emissions. This is because CO2 is released during the manufacture of new products and the recycling of used items.

At the Repair Café, people learn to perceive objects in a different way. And to appreciate them in a completely new way: The Repair Café contributes to a change in mentality. This is urgently needed if people are to advocate for a sustainable society. But at the heart of it, Repair Café wants to show that repairing is also a lot of fun and relatively easy. Come by and try it yourself!

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