Piles, Wallen, deserts - 7. old long-distance roads

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To avoid the damp, swampy valleys, many paths in the Sauerland at that time ran over the mountains.




Only light, single-axle carts or riders could negotiate these steep tracks. If a lane became too deep due to constant use, the axles of the carts got stuck on the center rib. Then the carters looked for a new lane parallel to the old one. This was possible without any problems, because at that time there was no forest here, but open land.

Again and again the old traces of hollow ways can be discovered parallel to the ROTHAARSTEIG in the spruce forest. At the beginning of the 20th century, however, many sunken paths were filled in during the course of road construction, especially in the agricultural area.

From the hollow way to the long-distance road
The deep hollows in the terrain are hollow ways of an old long-distance road. It led from the Rhineland via Olpe, Eslohe, Olsberg to the Brilon plateau and further in the direction of Obermarsberg. The origin of the hollow ways probably goes back far into the Middle Ages. They were still used as an army road during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763).

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