Parish Church of St. John the Evangelist


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The construction of the church began when Count Gottfried von Arnsberg granted the Eversbergers the town charter in 1242.

Pfarrkirche St. Johannes Evangelist


Parish Church of St. John the Evangelist

An der Kirche

59872 Meschede

Telefon: 0291-1820



It was built in the transitional Romanesque-Gothic style.

The massive tower was intended as a defensive tower, a refuge in extreme need. It originally had a pyramidal roof covered with lead. The present beautiful baroque dome was given to the strongest and most powerful church tower in the Hochsauerland district in 1712 by the master Conrad Hesse from Hallenberg.

The Eversberg church - in the ground plan similar to the church in Schmallenberg, in the outer structure similar to the church in Wormbach, in the construction freer than both - shows with its inner space most strongly the entrance into the Gothic.

The vaulting as well as the entire support system, the pointed arches, which recur everywhere, allow one to sense a new building spirit here, forward-driving forces, which give this hall its special character.

Four mighty columns support the Romanesque cross vault of the three-nave hall church.

In the architecture and interior design of the church, as in Schmallenberg, Wormbach and Meschede, suggestions and influences from the former Grafschaft monastery are unmistakable. These are also reflected in most of the 38 churches and 80 chapels in the district of Meschede, many of which are considered gems of art and architectural history.

They all breathe the spirit that has shaped this area and its people.

When the church was redesigned in 1934, peculiar paintings of bizarre, unique depictions of animals were uncovered in a vault field of the central nave, while 14th century paintings were uncovered in the chancel. Altars, confessionals and the organ case are from the school of carving of the Grafschaft monks from the period after the 7-year war.

The side altars and the organ case already belong to the subsequent art movement of the Rococo.

In 1992, a new organ case was built into the historic organ case by the Soest organ builder Georg Fromme (who also built the Remblinghausen organ prospect), so that the Eversberg organ is one of the special treasures in Meschede, not only visually but also acoustically.

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