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The coal shed was the transfer point between the branch railroad and the salt works.

Alter Weinkeller Bad Sassendorf


Old wine cellar / former coal shed

Bismarckstraße 17

59505 Bad Sassendorf

Telefon: 02921-52655




"Horses replace the heavy steam horse - The old time railroad in Bad Sassendorf has long since ceased to exist". These two sentences come like a weather light from Sassendorf's saltworks past and lead to the old coal shed, today's attractive wine tavern "Zum Alten Weinkeller". The coal shed as a transfer point between the branch line and the salt works was the artery of Sassendorf's trade. The 12 m high embankment - the branch line - extended from the station in an arc through the "Weidenloch" to the coal shed. The branch line and coal shed were built in 1850/55 together with the main railroad line from Soest via Sassendorf, Lippstadt to Paderborn.

The wagons were put into motion at the Sassendorf station, and the horses could pull without difficulty. The coal shed, which now served as a wine tavern, terminated the embankment. From the coal shed, the Sälzerknechts fetched the coals in trolleys. The intensive firing of the ladles resulted in an incessant activity.

As one of the most important manufacturing plants, the Sassendorf salt works employed seventy workers at the time of the construction of the coal shed and earned 21,176 thalers. If it had not been for the energetic support of the Sassendorf pea malting college in the 1830s and 40s, Sassendorf would hardly have become a railroad station. The turning point in salt production was the year 1934 with the abandonment of salt production. With this, the coal shed and the branch railroad lost their importance. Salt was obtained more cheaply from mines. In 1937 the Brinks family bought the coal shed and the surrounding land. After many years of oblivion, the old coal shed became - since 1984 - a house of convivial wine culture.

For more information about the restaurant Zum Alten Weinkeller, please call 02921-52665 or visit www.zumaltenweinkeller-badsassendorf.de.


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