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The picturesque Oestertalsperre is Plettenberg's service water reservoir and the city's largest swimming pool at the end of the town in Plettenberg-Himmelmert. It offers walking and hiking opportunities and is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. In the summer months, the landscape can be experienced from a completely different perspective when stand up paddling.

Oestertalsperre Plettenberg

Oestertalsperre Plettenberg

Staumauer Oestertalsperre

Oestertalsperre Plettenberg



An der Oestertalsperre

58840 Plettenberg

Telefon: 02391-605420




Experiences at and around the Oestertalsperre:
Stand Up Paddling rental in the summer months
Hike along the Oestertalsperre with a great view of the water (7.2 km)
Walk around the Oestertalsperre (4.2 km)
Natural monument "Hohe Steine" - remains from the volcanic past of the region
Resting benches to linger
Fishing at the Oestertalperre (day license required)

Gastronomy at or around the dam:
Restaurant "Zur Oestertalsperre" (distance approx. 50 m)
House Wiesenthal (distance approx. 2 km)
Restaurant Akademie (distance approx. 4 km)

Free parking directly at the dam wall

Arrival by public transport:
Bus line 73 of the MVG in the direction of Himmelmert/Oestertalsperre, bus stop: Oestertalsperre Wendestelle

Further information:
The Oestertalsperre is a service water dam. It was built between 1904 and 1906 according to the plans of the renowned professor Otto Intze. The gravity dam is made of quarry stone and has a height of 36 meters with a crown width of 4.5 meters and a crown length of 231 meters. At the dam destination, the capacity is 3.1 million m³and the surface area is 24.5 ha.
About the plant

The reason for the construction of the dam was the regulation of the Oesterbach, which played an important role in the economic development of the region. In times of great drought, the factories located on the Oesterbach and operated by water power were often in dire straits. When large masses of water rushed down to the valley in the fall or spring, the factory owners feared for their plants.

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