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The nature and bee trail Eichelkamp in the Herpinetal in Halver invites visitors to a leisurely walk with lots of interesting facts about nature and bees.

Hinweisschild zum Naturlehrpfad

Waldweg entlang des Naturlehrpfades

Eine der zahlreichen Infotafeln

Der Lebensraum Wald ist zentrales Thema

Die Teiche am Wegesrand im Winter

Die Infotafeln am Wegesrand

Infotafeln mit interessanten Fakten begleiten den


Nature and bee trail Eichelkamp

Herpinetal / Zum Hälversprung

58553 Halver



Created by the local tree association, the nature trail Eichelkamp offers a lot of interesting information for young and old and brings visitors closer to nature.

For example, visitors learn that trees clean the air we breathe and that an 80-year-old tree can store the CO2 emissions of a family of four. Trees relieve our climate, filter dust from the air free of charge and are thus as effective as an expensive air filter. So there are many reasons to protect and preserve trees.

The trail, which is about 3 km long, is located on Falkenstraße, leads through a forest and is equipped with information signs that provide insights into the forest habitat, including a look at the forest floor (Mysterious World in the Dark), Peaceful Buzzers (Wild Bees and Bumblebees), Native Mushrooms and Wood or The Pool Spring (Water from the Deep).

It is available for interested visitors and hikers, but is also suitable for school classes as a destination for an excursion.

In the summer of 2019, the nature trail was supplemented in the area of the Herpine ponds by an educational bee trail, which provides a lot of exciting information about these valuable insects on various display boards. As a small highlight, there is also an insect hotel along the way.

Starting at the Eichelkamp parking lot, the exciting circular trail can be completed in just over an hour. Information boards about wild bees and honey bees, an exciting display case and rest areas along the way make the bee trail a great destination. By appointment, you can also take a look at the large bee colonies under the guidance of a beekeeper.

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