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Uroma's place of work next to cobbler's workshop and carpenter's workshop



Museum Heimatstube Schönholthausen

Zur Schlerre 2

57413 Finnentrop

Telefon: 02721-6512

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The Heimatstube Schönholthausen shows numerous exhibits on agriculture and forestry of the region, village crafts and local customs on an area of approx. 260 sqm. For example, Uroma's workplace can be admired in the form of a kitchen with coal stove, bench, large dining table and a variety of kitchen utensils. In addition to the equipment for milk processing and home slaughtering, a cobbler's workshop and a carpenter's workshop can be visited. On the upper floor there are, among others, a schoolroom, a doctor's office and a bedroom in the style of the period around 1900, among many other interesting things from that time. The forge with bellows and some rare religious exhibits are located on the first floor. Written documents, such as notebooks or exercise books, tell about the village life around 1900.

Patronage festival at the Heimatstube in August always on the weekend after Assumption Day (August 15).

The Heimatverein Schönholthausen e.V. as the responsible body of the Heimatstube Schönholthausen was founded in 1991. The deciding factor for the foundation of a local history society was the 750th anniversary of the village Schönholthausen in 1990. Here some preparations for the anniversary celebration had to be made and so the idea was born to found an association dedicated to the promotion of local customs and the preservation of local history.

In 1992, the oldest building still standing in the village had to make way for a new building. During the demolition work, old wooden beams with inscriptions were found. In addition to these timbers, the beams from the large Deelentor were left to us. This historical find was given to our local history society for safekeeping. Where to put such a valuable piece of history? We had to find a place to store it in order to preserve it for posterity and to be able to show it. We found these premises in a former cowshed of the Melcher farm, today in the Gerold house. With this beautiful half-timbered house, in the shadow of the church, we had found the ideal place for the exhibition of these exhibits. This idea was well received in the village and many "Holter" brought us little by little historical and worth seeing "old" things. Attics, cellars and long forgotten chest contents were rummaged through. With the words: "That would be something for your exhibition" we received with the time an extensive collection. The originally rented 120 square meters were no longer enough. Everyone pitched in and we built another exhibition area of 140 square meters in the former hayloft of the Gerold house. So today we can show many things from Uroma's kitchen and bedroom on about 260 square meters. In addition to the tools for working the fields, we have many exhibits from the village crafts, such as cobbler, carpenter, blacksmith, tailor, beekeeper, baker and flax processing. Religious documents, pictures and statues are not missing in our exhibition, as well as a bride and groom dressed in the usual way at the turn of the century. Old photos of weddings and their preparation complete the picture. A small village school from the turn of the century, a doctor's office from the 1930s show our children and grandchildren today how it really was back then.

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