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High up on the Kreuzberg is the approximately 125-year-old Kreuzberg Chapel. The path to it, shaded by trees, winds its way up the Loermund. The walk is lined by the individual stations of the cross. Once you reach the top, there is a wide view of the Möhnetal.


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Loermund (Kreuzberg)

Schützenkamp 26

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2925 3749




What only a few people know so far is that there is a historical rampart castle near Warstein-Sichtigvor. With the project "Opening up the Loermund near Sichtigvor, especially for the visually impaired", the Loermund has been awakened from its slumber. A new bronze sculpture and its base, a square sandstone colossus weighing about three and a half tons, can be admired. All sponsors who have paid in more than 250 euros are immortalized on the bronze plaque.

The proportions are not quite reproduced. From the small chapel to the stations of the cross to the path running in serpentine lines and the terraces, the work of the artist Boris Sprenger from Brilon-Madfeld otherwise faithfully reflects the historic site.

Via a QR code on the information board can learn more about the plant. Information in Braille makes the Loermund accessible to visually impaired people.

The Loermund mountain spur (Kreuzberg/ Kalvarienberg). A ring wall complex from prehistoric times and an approx. 150 year old Stations of the Cross with a chapel are attractive tourist destinations.


Small ring rampart, in the direction of the east wave-like staggered rampart-ditch system, medieval castle complex in the western third of the complex, triangular castle square with deep neck ditch.


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