Historic city center Soest

Historic city center

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May I introduce myself? - I am the hanseatic city of Soest

I may be over 1000 years old, but I look pretty good for my age.

Historischer Stadtkern Soest

Allerheiligenkirmes Soest

Historischer Stadtkern Soest


Historic city center Soest

Teichsmühlengasse 3

59494 Soest

Telefon: 029211036110

Fax: 02921/103 86110




My "face" is characterized by a still almost completely preserved medieval city wall, a worldwide unique church tower silhouette and numerous buildings made of half-timbering and green sandstone. This belongs to me, makes me and tells "stories" of everything I have experienced so far.

I am a good hostess, for example, annually in November for the largest old town fair in Europe, the Soest All Saints' Fair. Then you should experience me once, I can still party! Pleasure and hospitality are important to me and have tradition. There I am completely Westphalian.

Have I left a lasting impression on you? Come and visit me! Who knows? - Maybe it will become a "new love"?

See you soon!
Your Hanseatic City of Soest


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