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Guided tour - Altstadt Belecke

Nachtwächter Belecke


Guided tour Altstadt Belecke

Wilke Str. 1d

59581 Warstein

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In all medieval towns, the night watchman had important duties to perform. On the one hand, he had to watch out for enemies during the night, announce the hours and wake up the citizens early in the morning, especially during harvest time. On the other hand, he had to watch out for the outbreak of fire. Since there was an open fireplace in every house and the houses were built of easily combustible material, fire represented one of the greatest dangers for villages and towns for centuries. For example, on April 13, 1805, our town of Belecke was affected by a great fire, which burned 57 of the 87 houses in the town. It is known to us that in the old times the job of night watchman was not very desirable. They were mostly poor people. They belonged to the outsiders and misfits of the town. Their pay was meager, and thus they could only pursue the night watchman's activity as a sideline. On the other hand, the night watchman was a very important member of a functioning village community. Although he was poor and of a low status, he had many advantages and privileges due to his activity. For example, the night watchman was allowed to sit at the table of the farmers and citizens in the inn, drink with them and take part in their conversations.
In the chronicle of the town of Belecke it can be read that the council of the town of Belecke issued an "Instruction for the watchmen and night watchmen at Belecke" as early as January 14, 1836. How conscientiously these regulations were taken is proven by a complaint of April 28, 1859 against the night watchman Wilhelm Buddeus, who was hired on March 23, 1859:
"The gendarme Schäfers indicates: The night watchman Buddeus from Belecke had not whistled at 10 o'clock at night in Belecke on March 4 and had not been present in the guardroom. The night watchman was punished to the payment of 10 Silbergroschen and resigned from his office."
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Through our inquiries and the statements of a recently deceased contemporary witness, we also know of the last night watchman in Belecke. His name was Gödde, called Kärchhofers and his house stood "Unterm Haane" near the old town wall, which can still be seen as a remnant today. During his service he stayed in the guardroom of the town hall at night. During his rounds, he would whistle on a large flute to indicate that all was well. If any danger threatened, he blew hard on his horn. With Kärchhofer's death in 1920, the position of night watchman in Belecke was not filled again.

Night watchman tour:

A tour starting from the Geschichtsbrunnen on Wilkeplatz takes about 90 minutes and a tour starting from Pankratiuskirche in the Altstadt takes 60 minutes. Individual tours from different meeting points in the Altstadt of Belecke are also possible.

We charge 4,00 EU per participant. During the tours our traditional night watchman schnapps is served in 40ml bottles.

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