Gröne Quarry

Nature park / nature reserve

The Gröne quarry was left to its natural development after the cement plant was shut down in 1974. Today, numerous endangered and sensitive biotope types have found a new habitat here.





Gröne Quarry

Junferngasse 11a

59590 Geseke



After the closure of the cement plant in 1974, the quarry was left to its natural development. Planting or seeding was not carried out. To colonize the extreme site, Mother Nature sent her specialists ahead, which can take root on soil-free, extremely dry and calcareous sites. These pioneer communities of mosses and lichens are followed by undemanding herbs and grasses and later by the first woody plants. Open areas are colonized by calcareous grasslands. The first heat-loving shrubs develop in the shade of the quarry walls. A biocoenosis of numerous endangered and sensitive biotope types has developed.

Since 2010, the Gröne Quarry has been designated as a nature reserve.

Remarkable are the intermittent still waters made of rainwater on the quarry floors. They are spawning habitat for endangered amphibian species such as the midwife toad, which reveals itself on warm, humid spring evenings by its metallic-sounding "ping" call. Inhabitants of steep cliffs such as the eagle owl, jackdaw and turtle dove and many other rare birds have found a new home here.

Guided tours of the abandoned limestone quarry, where the different stages of succession can be seen very clearly, are available on request (Tel.: 02942/50049).

The quarry is managed by the VerBund e.V.. The owner is HeidelbergCement AG.


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