Geologischer Aufschluss "Kranbuche" near Züschen

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The Geologischer Aufschluss and fossil site at the "Kranbuche" is of geological importance. The fossil-rich layer in the so-called "spheroidal siderite schists" has entered the geoscientific literature as the "Kranbuche horizon".


Geologischer Aufschluss "Kranbuche" near Züschen

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In the Kranbuche outcrop near Züschen, fossiliferous shales come to light. They belong to the oldest rocks of the so-called Züschen saddle and can be dated to the Lower Devonian period (about 390 million years before today). The fossils are brachiopods (arm-footed creatures), bivalves and trilobites (three-lobed crustaceans). Less common are snails. In addition, corals and numerous stalk limbs of crinoids occur. Since their genus has a relatively limited life span within the Earth's history, it was possible to prove the relative age of the find layer as younger Lower Devonian with the help of these leading fossils.

The rocks and fossils from the Kranbuche outcrop are presented in an exhibition in the local history museum Borgs Scheune.

Age of the rocks: Spheroidal siderite schist: Ems stage, Lower Devonian (about 390 million years before today).

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