former railroad embankment


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In 1612, it was decided to implement technical innovations, such as the construction of the Gradierwerk, in Sassendorf. Due to the increased production output, the consumption of wood as fuel for boiling the salt also increased. In 1705, the decision was made to switch to coal firing.

Ehemailiger Bahndamm Bad Sassendorf


former railroad embankment

59505 Bad Sassendorf



However, the difficult transportation only made the work more difficult. Relief came with the railroad line built in 1850, which created a west-east connection between the Cologne-Minden and the Thuringian railroad. The connection of the trade route 'Hellweg' to the German railroad network also made it possible to modernize the salt works.

The railroad embankment, which can still be seen here, connected the station and the coal shed. On this route, draught animals pulled the coal lorries over the branch from the main Hamm-Paderborn railway line.

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