Experience spaces at the renaturalized Rosenau

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Along the renaturalized Rosenau in the new Bad Sassendorf spa park, you will find many secluded spots to linger, to approach or even step into the water.

Erlebnisräume an der Rosenau


Experience spaces at the renaturalized Rosenau

Kaiserstraße 14

59505 Bad Sassendorf

Telefon: 02921 943 3456




With the completion of the renaturation of the Rosenau, a first milestone of the spa park transformation was reached in summer 2018.

The stream has left its old, dead-straight bed and now meanders through the spa park. With the lengthening of the course, the stream bed and the bank areas were restructured close to nature. Now there are shallow water zones and deeper places, steep and shallower banks, slower and faster flow speeds. This contributes to an improvement of the water quality and promotes the animal and plant life in and around the water. For visitors to the spa park, not only were new paths, bridges and vistas created, but also new secluded places to linger along the Rosenau, to approach or even enter.

A special place at the Rosenau is the Charlottenlounge, directly opposite the spring, which was used as a healing and drinking spring many years ago. Now you can sit there in the lounge, enjoy coffee, cake and ice cream. Tip for little spa guests: While mom, dad, grandma, grandpa are having a coffee chat, you can play in the sand and by the water.

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