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Enjoy the diverse landscape of the Sauerland on a walk with our alpacas or get up close and personal with these fascinating animals in our skill course.

The contact with these gentle animals is an extraordinary experience for young and old.

For current information please visit our website: www.ennerthof.de

Alpakas weiß

Portrait Alpaka


Alpake braun

Alpaka Kuss


Ennerthof Alpaca Tours

Ennertstr. 2

59821 Arnsberg

Telefon: +49 2935-372856




Relax after work with a tour with these good-natured animals or spice up your Sunday walk with our alpacas. You will see, the alpacas inspire even walkers.

Let yourself be enchanted by these animals, because not for nothing is an old saying from the Andes:

"Whoever looks too deeply into the eyes of an alpaca is captivated by him forever."

Main opening times:

Day From Until From Until
Tuesday 08:00 09:00 19:45 20:15
Wednesday 08:00 09:00 19:45 20:15
Thursday 08:00 09:00 19:45 20:15
Friday 08:00 09:00 19:45 20:15


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