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The Eichener Mühle was first mentioned in 1512. In former times this place was called "Im Kreuzohl" and the mill there was used as a flour mill at that time and was equipped with an iron top-shafted water wheel. The Eichener Mühle was a "Bannmühle" of the Drolshagen monastery. This meant that the surrounding farmers were only allowed to have their grain ground here.

Eichener Mühle


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Eichener Mühle


Eichener Mühle

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57489 Drolshagen


The mill is considered to be one of the earliest commercial enterprises in the Olpe district. It used to be operated with three water wheels. Two tributaries, the Rose and the Brachtpe, feed the mill pond. This water supply from several spring areas is rare. The grist mill was supplemented by a sawmill in 1840. In 1910, a bread bakery was added and, a little later, a bone stamping mill, which was used to produce fertilizer for agriculture from animal bones.

Today, both mill ditches still channel their water to the large mill pond. The bridge over the Rose did not exist in earlier centuries. The farmers reached the mill with their carts through a ford. Later, a sawmill was added to the flour mill. This combination was a real rarity in the Olpe district. However, when both were no longer used - the mill was abandoned in 1964 - the mill began to fall into disrepair.

It is all the more gratifying that today, after a total renovation, an attractive building stands once again on the foundations of the old mill, and that the granary, water wheel and saw frame have been preserved. The mill waters, a grinding gear, a powerful gang saw, a log saw and a circular saw, which were operated by an overshot water wheel via transmission belts, have been preserved. The building and the technology are listed as historical monuments.

Opening hours
The mill is open on the Open Monument Day (2nd Sunday in September) and on the German Mill Day (Whit Monday). Visits also by appointment.

Tel.: 0 27 61 / 83 58 31 (Dr. Ing. Rolf Heinen), e-mail: drheinen@gmx.de

The Eichener Mühle is located directly on the Bergische Panorama Radweg between the Rhineland and Sauerland, which runs along the former railroad line. It is a good 300m away from the B 55, B 54, and it only takes about 1 km from the Olpe exit of the A 45 in the direction of Drolshagen / Bergneustadt.

Text: Dr. Ing. Rolf Heinen and Drolshagen Marketing e. V.

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