E-bike storage boxes Möhnesee

eBike battery charging station

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Lockable bicycle boxes with integrated charging station directly at the Möhnetalradweg.





E-bike storage boxes Möhnesee

Möhnestraße 10

59519 Möhnesee

Telefon: 02924 981 391




On their tour through the Sauerland, bicycle tourists can now take a longer break at Lake Möhnesee quite comfortably
without worrying about their expensive bike and luggage.

Below the dam wall, several bicycle boxes have been set up to allow individual rental
. Whether a boat trip is taken across the lake or a longer
walk across the historic structure of the dam wall, the bike can be safely parked in one of the boxes during this time
. Pedelecs are conveniently recharged during this time
The minimum rental period is one hour, after which the time is billed to the minute.
An advance reservation for a later arrival at Möhnesee is conveniently possible with the
HandyApp moBiLET. The parking time is then also billed with the
The smartphone becomes a digital mobility platform, because at Möhnesee several services can be paid for with one app, in addition to the bike boxes
also parking and charging at the electric charging station with
The control unit for the bike boxes is the smartphone. A free box is booked via the mobile app moBILET
. Afterwards, the user receives a confirmation with which the box can be opened at
. The preselected rental period can be individually shortened or extended
, provided there is no other reservation. The actual
rental period is billed on a per-minute basis at a price of EUR 0.01 per minute.


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