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The DPSG Pfadfinderstamm St. Petrus Warstein has been involved in youth work in Warstein since 1978. Children and young people from the age of 7 are always welcome to get to know the tribe and scout life at the weekly group meetings or at activities such as the large summer camp.

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DPSG Pfadfinderstamm St. Petrus Warstein

Pfarrer-Menge-Weg 9

59581 Warstein




The scouts of the St. Petrus Warstein tribe belong to the largest Catholic scout association in Germany, the DPSG (Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg). The tribe was founded on 28 February 1978.

It consists of about 170 members. The children and young people meet regularly in four age groups (Wölflinge, Jungpfadfinder, Pfadfinder, Rover) to the group hours in the Paulushaus.

Here in the basement are not only the large material store with everything that is needed for the implementation of a camp, but also the group rooms for the implementation of the weekly group hours. At these meetings we play, laugh, celebrate, do handicrafts and much more.

In the course of a year, the St. Petrus Warstein tribe organizes many different joint activities, in which the contact between the younger and older members is especially important to us.

These include St. George's Day, the annual sponsorship campaign to support a children's home in Halmeu (Romania) or the Peace Light Campaign. Every year, the scouts collect the light on foot from Dortmund and distribute it at various locations in the city. The big highlight of the scout year is the 10-day summer camp. Regularly up to 50 children and young people as well as their group leaders take part in it.

The identification sign of the DPSG is the clothing with the level corresponding, colored neckerchief. This beige shirt is worn by the scouts on various occasions, accompanied by a white banner. On this a red cross and the lily, the indication of the Pathfinder movement, are illustrated.

As you can see, there is always something new to discover and experience in the Scouts. That's why the tribe's motto is "We make adventure possible!"

During the school vacations, the weekly group lessons are cancelled.

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Monday 16:30 21:00
Tuesday 18:45 19:45

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