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Culture and local history association Badulikum e.V.

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The history of the cultural and local history association BADULIKUM

On 20.12.2006 the executive boards of the two traditional associations of Belecke

  • Traffic and local history association Belecke, founded in 1934
  • Förderverein Badulikum, founded in 1989

concluded the notarized merger agreement.

The merger took place after intensive consultations of the executive committees on an equal basis, even if with the

"merger agreement" - legally speaking - the Verkehrs- und Heimatverein (transferring association) was merged with the Förderverein Badulikum (acquiring association). The merged association will continue and develop the good experiences and traditions of both associations.

Among other things, the Verkehrs- und Heimatverein contributed the working groups Mühlrad and Plattdeutsche Sprache, the work of the Ortsheimatpfleger and the publication of publications about Belecke to the new association, while the Förderverein contributed, among other things, the structure of the association, the organization of Sturmtag and Schnadezug and the awarding of the Bürgermeister - Wilke - Preis.

In the general meetings of 10.01.2007 (homeland association) and 11.01.2007 (Badulikum) the club members decided this fusion of the two tradition associations by unanimous acceptance of the fusion contract.

In the first general meeting of the merged association on 30.03.2007 the new statutes and the name change into the "Kultur- und Heimatverein Badulikum" were unanimously decided.

The history of the two predecessor associations thus goes back to the year 1934 and shall be briefly described here with and from various sources.

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