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Catholic Church "Mary Queen of Peace" in Geseke


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Church of St. Mary

An der Abtei 4

59590 Geseke

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The population growth after World War 2 also necessitated another 3rd Catholic parish in the town. Due to the influx of evacuees and displaced persons from the East, the population increased from 6,000 to 11,000.

New settlements were built in the south of the city - Am Lülingsbusch (today Hubertusstraße), Am Alten Schützenweg, Windmühlenweg, Padbergsiedlung as well as Portlandstraße - and the elderly and sick people could no longer be expected to walk the long distance to the city church. The call for a church in the south of the city became more and more audible and urgent. The main initiator was, among others, the then pastor of the St. Petri city church, Bernhard Balkenhol.

On October 24, 1954, the foundation stone of the Catholic Church of St. Mary in the south of the city was laid, and on November 17, 1957, Archbishop Lorenz Jäger consecrated it to the patronage of "Mary Queen of Peace".

Work during construction proceeded rapidly thanks to the help of volunteer laborers who made themselves available in the evenings or entire days. Companies provided free vehicles to deliver the construction material. The local cement industry and other companies as well as many private individuals donated generously.
The Geseke newspaper also made its contribution by calling on the population to help on a weekly basis.

On 15.08.1958 Wilhelm Tegethoff was appointed vicar of the town church parish of St. Petri. St. Mary's Church became a branch parish of the city church on 07/01/1959, and Vicar Tegethoff received the title of parochial vicar and was put in charge.

The new church council was elected on 30.08.1959. In its 1st meeting on 21.09.1959 the purchase of a bell ringing with 3 bells was decided, which were already consecrated on 13.12.1959. The women's and mothers' community - today's kfd - was founded on 30.03.1960 and in the same year on 21.06. the KJG - Catholic Young Community - was founded.

The 1st camp, in which only boys were allowed to participate, then took place under the direction of Vicar Wilhelm Tegethoff in Bruchhausen near Ottbergen.

In December 1961, the organ with 18 stops and 1,356 pipes was inaugurated by the then Auxiliary Bishop Kaspar Schulte; the first organist was teacher Franz Loesmann.

On 01.12.l979 the parish boundaries were reorganized in the core town of Geseke; the Marienkirche had 3,569 members.

On 01.08.1980 the Mariengemeinde was elevated to a parish, parochial vicar Wilhelm Tegethoff was appointed 1st pastor. Three years later, parish vicar Wilhelm Tegethoff celebrated his 25th local anniversary. He was one of the very few vicars in the archdiocese of Paderborn who were never transferred.

In December 1986, St. Mary's Church receives the long-awaited 4th bell.

The existing windows in the church make the interior of the church appear dark. Under the leadership of pastor Wilhelm Tegethoff, the church council decides to install new windows in the spring of 1992. The designs were created by the artist Alexander Arens from Geseke, the execution of the work and the installation was carried out by the company Kunstglaserei Hertel from Lippstadt. In this connection we refer to the following link:

The quarry stone masonry of the church tower had become dilapidated due to environmental influences, so that it had to be renovated in the period from June to September 1999. At the same time, the church tower received a new roof made of copper, and the rooster was newly gilded. However, the renovation of the masonry did not lead to the desired success, so the church tower was plastered in the summer of 2015.

In July 2007, under the direction of Pastor Gerald Haringhaus, the interior renovation of the church began. The entire sanctuary was extended toward the church and lowered so that the altar is closer to the congregation. The baptismal font is no longer on the 1st step but in front of the first row of pews. Due to the change in the chancel and the associated removal of ten pews, the number of seats was reduced from 400 to 320. The organ with its 1,356 pipes was also extensively restored. The work was completed on November 16, 2007, and the next day the congregation celebrated 50 years of the church consecration with a ceremony in the auditorium of the Edtih Stein School.

In memory of the pastor Wilhelm Tegethoff, who died on 22.11.2002, a wayside shrine "The Good Shepherd" was inaugurated on 22.11.2009 on the forecourt of the church.

In the walls in front of the porch behind the glass panes are the relics of Saints Boniface, Liborius, Benedict and Pope Pius X.



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