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Founded: 1888

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Carnival society Wispelten Niederbergheim

Spiekerecke 107b

59581 Warstein

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For the first time by written documents and old documents a carnival society Niederbergheim becomes provable in the years 1887/88.
At this time however no carnival meetings of today's form were accomplished.
Interrupted by the war years 1914-18 the association 1936 with the Gau culture office in Herne was allowed to be again created. The club's premises at this time was at Kühlen Heinrich, which had a hall on the 1st floor, where the carnival festivities were celebrated.
Under the name "Kern Europas" a pageant with a program was registered at this time. In the National Socialist times this was connected with great difficulties and could take place only on the basis of the proof of old tradition, which the old Mr. Kühle Pelsmann had received. He had been present in 1888 still in the beginnings of the association.
In the years 1937, 1938 and 1939 the carnival in Niederbergheim was a great success. The parades in particular contributed to this. In these years there were also princes and prince couples in the carnival society.
In 1938 the society joined the Bund Deutscher Karneval and paid dues. The old name was not allowed to be retained and the society was then called "Niederbergheimer Wispelten".
During these years, carnival newspapers were painstakingly produced and printed in Arnsberg at the government printing works. They were well received by the population.
The 2nd World War interrupted the flourishing association and left large gaps in the ranks of the members. Contributions to the Bund Deutscher Karneval (German Carnival Association) were suspended by a letter that Wilhelm Schröder, the president at the time, received when he was sent to the front in Russia.
When the old tradition sprouted up again after the war, it was the Schützenbruderschaft St. Johannes (St. John's Rifle Brotherhood) that henceforth distinguished itself as the organizer and patron of the carnival events.
In the following years many carnival events were held in Wreden hall before one moved in 1968 after the construction of the Schützenhalle into the dining hall there to organize the 1st official Kappensitzung.
In the following years the current honorary president Lorenz Schröder led the carnivalists in steadily increasing numbers to the present size, whereby special emphasis was always placed on the inclusion of the youth in these festivities. Furthermore the program of the Niederbergheimer carnivalists is arranged exclusively by local actors and free of charge.
After the retirement of the honorary president Lorenz Schröder Paul Winnig took over the office of the president from him.
By the stage extension at the Schützenhalle the possibility is given to the carnivalists for some years to perform their program on a proper stage.
In these years repeatedly the desire was expressed to place itself again on own feet and to continue thus the tradition of the fathers and grandfathers.
In a foundation meeting on 16 October 1987 the old Karnevalsgesellschaft "Niederbergheimer Wispelten 1888 registered association" was called again in the life.
1Chairman and president since that day was Paul Winnig until the general assembly in 2006. Paul Winnig was elected as honorary president at this general meeting. His successor was Hans-Werner Schulte.
Since 2010 the office of the 1st chairman and president is held by Burkhard Löckener.

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