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Bright rapeseed fields, water buffaloes in the Woeste, St. Christopher's Church - these Ostinghausen landmarks have recently been decorating the bus stops in Bad Sassendorf's northernmost district.







The idea came about in 2018 when the bus shelters were destroyed by bullet holes. The municipality of Bad Sassendorf first equipped them with bulletproof glass and then financed the colorful paintings that now fascinate not only people waiting for the bus, but also walkers and motorists.

Eight members of the artists' workshop had set out into the district and its surroundings to select particularly pretty, striking motifs. Mia Popp conjured up radiant rapeseed fields on the canvas, Rabea Ricken created a filigree butterfly, Brigitte Neumärker-Stiewe chose a water buffalo from the Woeste as a motif, Franz Lause brought the storks into the picturesque game, Martin Ellerkmann drew the landmark of the village, the Church of St. Christophorus, the church in the Woeste. Christophorus church, Elvira Sottmann painted a colorful kingfisher, Karin Boch the Scottish Highland cattle, and Ludwig Jarmuth breathed life into the eagle owl with brush and paint. Subsequently, the pictures, designed in different painting techniques, were drawn on appropriate foils and attached to the walls of the three bus shelters. The layout for the design of the bus shelters was worked out by Angelika Cosmann, chairwoman of the Heimat- und Kulturverein.

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