Tree planting campaign of the Sauerland Rothaargebirge Nature Park

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Gemeinsam mit Dirk Zimmermann vom Naturpark pflanzen die Schüler der Kath. Grundschule Hallenberg behutsam die Setzlinge in den Boden.

"We deliberately chose tree species that have a higher drought stress tolerance," emphasizes Markus Genster, forest educator for the town of Hallenberg. As part of the school's environmental education program, he has approached the topic step by step over the past few weeks together with the children of Class 3a and imparted the basic knowledge. "The clear-cut area is intended to illustrate which tree species could shape the Sauerland in the future," Genster continues.

For this reason, a whole range of different varieties are included in the luggage, which will be planted by the students on the approximately 1 hectare area below the Heidkopf on this day. In addition to well-known species such as Douglas fir or tree hazel, these include sequoia, hybrid walnut and littleleaf linden. But before the trees can be planted, they first have to work hard and dig the necessary holes in the ground. But thanks to the great enthusiasm of the students, this is done very quickly.

"Actions like this naturally remain very special in the children's memories," explains Detlef Lins, Managing Director of the Sauerland Rothaargebirge Nature Park. "We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm with which the students are on the job here and dedicate themselves to this so important topic." It's a concept that works and fits in perfectly with the nature park's mission statement of bringing the topic of environmental education to life and making it a real experience. After the work is done, the obligatory breakfast break in the middle of nature is a must. "But the children really deserve it," emphasizes Benno Hildebrand, teacher of class 3a.

Nature park schools:

In a nature park school, important topics such as nature and landscape, regional culture and crafts, agriculture and forestry are regularly dealt with in everyday life, on excursions or on project days. In this way, the students get to know their region even more intensively and become enthusiastic about it. The projects focus on the individual's conscious engagement with nature and on raising awareness of natural cycles in the sense of education for sustainable development.

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