Starting signal for the hiking season in Sauerland

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With spring and the warm rays of sunshine, the desire for excursions, hiking tours and photo shoots through the ever greener landscape automatically increases. And hikers in the Sauerland are spoiled for choice and have access to a wide and, above all, high-quality network of trails. The newly published hiking book "Dein Augenblick" ("Your Moment") offers assistance with the most beautiful hiking routes and associated photo locations along the way.

If you are still looking for the perfect tour and would like to be inspired first, you will find plenty of suggestions on the Sauerland Tourism website at or simply take a look at the hot-off-the-press Sauerland edition of the "Dein Augenblick" compass series. The hiking tours were compiled together with many hiking experts from the Sauerland and, with their breathtaking photos, really whet your appetite for "being outdoors".

A tried-and-tested companion on all tours through the swinging spring landscape is the practical Sauerland app. It is available free of charge in the app store and, in addition to approximately 1,800 cycling and hiking tours and around 5,000 sights, also offers the option of planning excursions individually and having routes generated. The app is particularly communicative thanks to feedback, ratings, comments and photos from the community taken on the tours.

Maintaining the quality of hiking is a major challenge after the storms and, unfortunately, the current effects of the bark beetle calamity, which can be seen almost everywhere. The Sauerland is supported here by the many volunteers of the Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein. Especially now this work is more important than ever. Many missing marker signs on felled trees have to be replaced by new wooden posts in order to continue to ensure perfect enjoyment of nature. But also at the starting points of the hikes a lot is happening. Information boards are being polished, rest areas are being renewed and the rescue point system is being reviewed.

"We can't thank the volunteers enough for their work," emphasizes Sabine Risse, outdoor manager at Sauerland Tourism. "It is only through their commitment that our trail network continues to remain in a tidy condition and hikers can enjoy their excursions without a care in the world." Particularly practical: Using the Sauerland app's integrated defect notifier, tips on problem areas can be passed on directly to the responsible bodies and quickly rectified. In this way, everyone can contribute to the correction of defects and carefree hiking enjoyment is guaranteed.

As an additional incentive for all hikers and excursionists in nature, the senders of the first ten reports via the defect reporter will receive the book "Dein Augenblick" (Your Moment) free of charge as a small reward if they provide their address.

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