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On the highest point of the Eresberg in Obermarsberg (410 meters above sea level) stands the Stiftskirche.

Stiftskirche St. Peter und Paul Obermarberg

Stiftskirche Obermarsberg

Turm der Stiftskirche Obermarsberg

Eingang Stiftskirche Obermarsberg


St. Peter and Paul - Stiftskirche Obermarsberg

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34431 Marsberg

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In 772 Charlemagne moved with his Christian Franks against the pagan Saxons, conquered Eresburg (Obermarsberg) and destroyed there the sanctuary of the Saxons, the Irminsul. He then had a stone basilica of St. Peter built on this site in 785 and founded a Benedictine convent. In 1803 the monastery was dissolved in the course of secularization.

Today the Stiftskirche is dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul.

It was enlarged around 1250 and developed into a hall church. Destruction during the 30 Years War also destroyed the formerly Gothic, perhaps even partially Romanesque interior.

The sculptor's workshop of Heinrich and Christophel Papen recreated the church's furnishings from about the end of the 17th century until 1725, starting with the pews, the altars and confessionals, as well as the pulpit, and ending with the magnificent organ prospect.

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