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On June 30, 2019, the new industrial museum on the upper floor of the manor house opened its doors to visitors for the first time. Over 300 years of Menden's industrial history are presented on around 220 m².

Gut Rödinghausen, Außenansicht

Ausstellungsraum Gut Rödinghausen

Schwebendes Museum: Filigrane Glasvitrinen mit sch

Hufeisenvitrine mit scheinbar schwebenden Exponate

Schatzkammer mit scheinbar schwebenden Exponaten

Galerie der Sprechenden Porträts im Industriemuseu

Gut Rödinghausen

Park Gut Rödinghausen


Industrial Museum Menden - Rödinghausen Estate

Fischkuhle 15

58710 Menden (Sauerland)

Telefon: 02373 903-8770



Rödinghausen Manor in Lendringsen has been extensively renovated in recent years. Since September 2020, the new industrial museum on the upper floor of the classicist manor house has been open to visitors. More than 300 years of industrial history of Menden and the region are presented on about 220 m².

A unique museum scenography gives visitors unusual perspectives on the diversity of local products. The visitor experiences these products in a "floating museum": In transparent glass bodies of the filigree half-timbered showcases, the approximately 1000 objects are suspended on nylon threads and the thinnest steel cables and are visible from all sides. Media and hands-on stations offer a variety of incentives to become active in the exhibition and to experience history with all the senses.

The centuries-old industrial history of Menden and the region is characterized by the pioneering spirit, wealth of ideas and business acumen of the factory owners from the local aristocracy and the Märkisch bourgeoisie. An enormous variety of products is the result of their entrepreneurial activity. The practical implementation of this owes much to the diligence of the working people. In specially developed room sequences, this world of ideas is staged as a floating museum. The special conclusion of the tour is the Gallery of Talking Portraits, where animated paintings enter into a polyphonic discussion with contemporary witnesses of Menden's industrial history and the visitors.

The manor house with its English landscape garden and the varied special exhibitions from the fields of art and cultural history are also always worth a visit. Cultural events are held regularly in the fireplace hall, such as the two-week art festival Passagen, which starts every year at the end of August.

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Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 10:00 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 17:00
Thursday 09:00 17:00
Saturday 10:00 18:00


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