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Remains of the old town wall can still be seen in Obermarsberg today, including the water tower and the Buttenturm. In total, there were seven fortress towers along the town wall. Other watchtowers or toll towers outside the town, from which the surrounding area could be easily overlooked, were the Donnersberger Warte (also called Mäuseturm) and the Priesterberger Warte on the mountain of the same name.



Donnersberger Warte - Mouse Tower

Giershagener Straße

34431 Marsberg



The Mäuseturm, also known as the Donnersberger Warte, is located outside the town at an altitude of approx. 384 m between the Marsberg districts of Obermarsberg and Giershagen. The 13 m high round tower with a diameter of 4.60 m and a wall thickness of 1 m is visible from afar. There are remains of a circular wall in front of the tower.

It is a tower from which the movements on the long-distance trade route "Frankfurter Weg" were controlled. It is very likely that a toll had to be paid here. This was quite common in the High Middle Ages. In particular, it must be seen in connection with the stacking place at the Steppel. Here all transported goods had to be offered for sale. This was the only possibility for Obermarsberg to control the long-distance trade and to profit from it, since the trade route itself turned off to the Glindegrund and did not touch Obermarsberg.

The name "Mäuseturm" probably has nothing to do with mice but possibly derives from the Middle High German "mûsen", which means to peep or lurk. It could also come from the Old High German word "muta", which means toll.

Parking at the tower and the climb is possible at any time.

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