The municipality of Ense is located on the northern edge of the Sauerland. With its 14 districts, it stretches between the heights of the Arnsberg Forest and the wide meadows of the Hellweg and Haarstrang. It is not possible to describe the character of the municipality in one word, as it is very diverse.

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The municipality of Ense is situated in a charming agricultural location on the edge of the Sauerland and the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park as well as the Soest Börde on the Ruhr and Möhne rivers. In addition to a venerable manor house, a Romanesque ruin and historic village centers, Ense scores with magnificent views, leisurely cycling routes and hiking trails.

The municipality with a coat of arms featuring a horse's brake or a horse's pommel is located above the RuhrtalRadweg and the Fürstenberg with its castle ruins and Fürstenberg Chapel. The venerable manor house "Haus Füchten" is located directly on the RuhrtalRadweg. The tranquil villages between the fields along the Hellweg and Haarstrang and the heights of the Arnsberg Forest are all too different. Above the RuhrtalRadweg lies a medieval castle ruin on the Fürstenberg in the municipality of Ense. From the Fürstenberg chapel, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over the Ruhrtal and the town of Arnsberg. The Niederense local history museum provides insights into the former living and working culture. Models, pictures and exhibits from the former Cistercian convent of Himmelpforten are also on display. From the RuhrtalRadweg, you can simply follow the panoramic path to the MöhnetalRadweg and reach the district of Bremen, the geographical and administrative center of Ense. The town hall and the two-bay basilica of St. Lambertus from the 12th century await you there.

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