The worldwide unique green sandstone ensemble "Altstadt Soest" scores with an unmistakable tower silhouette, pretty half-timbered houses, historic inns and major events known beyond the region. In addition, the old Hanseatic city is almost 400 years older than almost all Central European cities.

  • Allerheiligenkirmes in Soest

  • Fachwerk-Am-Seel

  • Teichsmühle-

  • Patroklidom

Picturesque alleys and Winkeln, important churches from the Romanesque and Gothic periods, cozy Biergartens and an almost completely preserved Wallmauer invite visitors to linger all year round. By the way, there is only one other walkable and tree-covered city wall like the one in Soest in Europe - in Lucca in Tuscany.

In the churches, in addition to historical stained glass windows, there are also works of the modern elite in this field in almost all styles. Thus Soest is quasi the "largest decentralized stained glass museum in Germany". Beautiful shopping quarters - also away from the pedestrian zone - offer the best conditions for a leisurely shopping tour in a successful mix of attractive chain stores and owner-operated specialist stores.

And another tip: The Tourist Information offers around 30 themed tours that always present Soest from a different perspective. And with the SoesTour app, the Altstadt can also be discovered individually, including five locations that make a short journey through time possible via augmented reality, in which you can also "beam" yourself in. So there are plenty of reasons to pay Soest a visit: The historic Altstadt with its green sandstone look, the Soest tree blossom or during a major event amidst the medieval backdrop. The undisputed highlight here is the All Saints' Fair - Europe's largest old town fair - in November with a tradition going back almost 700 years.


Tourist Information

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