The most beautiful museums and exhibitions

Technology fans, culture and history enthusiasts will also get their money's worth in the Sauerland. We have summarized the most beautiful museums and exhibitions for you here.

Ausstellung im Sauerland Museum

Sauerland Museum in Arnsberg:
The Sauerland Museum focuses on the history of the former Duchy of Westfalen - more commonly known as the Electorate of Cologne Sauerland - from its beginnings to the present day. The history of the region from the Paleolithic Age to the present day is conveyed via media stations, films and vivid exhibits. What does "Kurkölnisch" actually mean and what impact does it still have on us today? What was everyday life like in the Sauerland during the Nazi era? And how much Stone Age man is still in us? Visit the Sauerland Museum!

Slate Mining and Local History Museum Holthausen:
It all began in 1974 in three small basement rooms of the elementary school in Schmallenberg-Holthausen. A small circle of enthusiasts began to collect, display and preserve. Many exhibits from these exhibitions have remained in the museum and provide an exciting reflection of the regional history of the Sauerland region of the Electorate of Cologne. In addition, regional art from the 19th and 20th centuries is shown in the affiliated "Südwestfalen Gallery". Thus, the subject of art in Südwestfalen is now also presented in an appealing form.

Blick ins Schieferbergbaumuseum in Holthausen

Blick auf die beleuchteten Sauerland-Pyramiden am Abend.

Galileo Park:
Situated high above the Lenne valley and visible from afar, the Sauerland pyramids have become a secret landmark of the Sauerland region. In a total of four of the seven pyramids, the Galileo Park, a knowledge and puzzle park, delights its guests with interesting and unusual exhibitions. In an entertaining yet challenging way, knowledge is conveyed and interest in new topics is aroused. The Galileo Park presents both scientific and "puzzling" topics - factually, objectively, openly and without judgment.

Das Afrika-Museum in Gevelinghausen

Afrika Museum Vogt:
Africa, the continent still mysterious today. Artistic and handicraft creations, rites, initiations, magic, spells and ancestor worship. Gerhard Vogt, whose family came into close contact with Africa as early as 1986 through missionary work, has compiled this collection over many years. The exposition shows wooden sculptures, jewelry, metalwork and everyday objects of different centuries. The aim of the changing thematic exhibitions is to convey the values of African art and culture. Immerse yourself in another world. You could think you were in Africa yourself.

Experience Hans Schlömers world, of everything he built, used, bought and likewise collected in the course of his life! With a lot of kitsch, art and bric-a-brac, an exhibition with exhibits was brought together, as it can only be seen here on this planet. An end of his collecting passion would not be however also in view, know long-suffering coworkers to report. Anyone who experiences him on a guided tour will be able to tell many anecdotes about his collection and the Curioseum.

Blick ins Museum Curioseum in Willingen.

Drohnenaufnahme der Fabrikanlage-Maste-Barendorf

The Historical Factory Maste-Barendorf:
Village and factory - nature and industry. Apparent opposites come together in Barendorf, the industrial-cultural monument in the north of Iserlohn. Where brass was cast and wire drawn in the 19th century, today an artists' and museum village extends with numerous cultural events in the changing seasons, gastronomy and a registry office. In 1981, the city of Iserlohn took over the now dilapidated ensemble of buildings and restored it for museum use. A dense annual program and attractive artists' studios have turned the former industrial site into a cultural location known beyond the region.

Innenansicht Südsauerland Museum

The South Sauerland Museum:
The Südsauerland-Museum, located in the heart of Attendorn's Altstadt, dates back to the collecting activities of the Heimatverein, now the Verein für Orts- und Heimatkunde. A museum for art and cultural history of the Olpe district. The Südsauerland-Museum sees itself as an extracurricular place of learning and seeks cooperation with schools, adult education centers, universities and other educational institutions. Find out about the history of the old town hall in Attendorn, the location of today's Südsauerland-Museum.

SIKU//WIKING Model World:
You can experience model car fun for the whole family at the SIKU//WIKING Model World museum. With over 3,500 exhibits, we show miniatures of various scales from over 90 years of company history. On an area of approx. 500 sqm we offer a world of experience for young and old. Test and play with our remote-controlled models from the current SIKU and WIKING ranges on various large dioramas.

Kinder spielen in der Siku-Modellwelt

Zwei Frauen experimentieren mit Licht und Schatten.

Phänomenta Lüdenscheid:
Discover the first science center in North Rhine-Westphalia! 180 interactive exhibits and some extras await you when you visit the Phänomenta in Lüdenscheid. Discover with friends or the whole family your face topography, dive into a soap bubble, mix colors and sounds like a DJ! On 4,000 square meters you can try everything yourself and have an unforgettable experience for the whole family, in pairs or individually alone!

Museum Wendener Hütte

Museum Wendener Hütte:

The Wenden Ironworks Museum offers visitors an extraordinary insight into the history of iron technology in southern Westfalen. In this technical cultural monument, young and old can experience the production route from the raw material iron ore to pig iron at first hand. Technology enthusiasts can also take a look at the ingenious system of ditches that ensured the plant's water supply and thus provided motive power. As a technical-ecological learning site, the Wenden Ironworks also offers guided tours on iron history and natural history topics.

Attendorn Fire Brigade Museum:

The museum vividly shows the history of firefighting. In addition to exciting information on firefighting and fire prevention, equipment, badges, tools and historic fire engines await amazed visitors. In addition, numerous exhibits from all parts of the world are presented.

Alte historische Feuerwehrfahrzeuge vor dem Feuerwehrmuseum in Attendorn.

Die alte Knochenmuehle Muehlhofe.

Bone mill in Meinerzhagen:

The bone mill in Meinerzhagen-Mühlhofe is absolutely worth seeing: it is the last preserved technical cultural monument of its kind in Westfalen. Built around 1849, the functioning, restored mill with tamping mill was used to produce fertilizer from animal bones. The bone mill has been a listed building since 1986, has been fully functional again since 1989 and now brings the exciting history of the craft back to life.

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