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Dear bikers,

Under the motto "Loud is out," there are now numerous initiatives in Germany that are directed against recreational noise and especially against noise pollution from motorcycle traffic. Here in the Sauerland, too, this topic is being discussed very controversially in many places. Back in 2015, together with many of you, we sent out a clear signal against noise and launched the "Loud is out" campaign. We were very pleased with your feedback and participation. Our heartfelt request: Continue to support the campaign and post our "Loud is out" sticker on your bike. The Sauerland is an attractive region for beautiful, relaxed motorcycle tours - and that's exactly what it should remain. That's why the campaign continues.

Der Laut-ist-out-Sticker

Set again in the current season a visible (and audible) sign against motorcycle noise - loud is out!
Different places in the country of the 1000 mountain e.g. along our Sauerland-Seen, are visited on weekends also by numerous other, recovery-looking for humans. Especially at such noise-sensitive places at noise-sensitive times, special consideration is called for. In this way, closures can be avoided. In addition to guests, many Sauerland residents themselves also feel annoyed by motorcycle noise. As Sauerland tourism, which on the one hand promises guests a relaxing time and on the other hand wants to convince citizens of the high quality of life in our homeland, we take this situation and the associated criticism very seriously.

Loud is out" campaign as an alliance of common sense
Increasing the control pressure or route closures for motorcyclists are not a sustainable solution for us, as this only shifts the traffic to neighboring routes. We plead for an alliance of reason against speeders. A visible sign of this alliance is our "Loud is out" sticker. As of now, the sticker is available at Sauerland Tourism.

This is how we want to avoid motorcycle noise:

Driving behavior:
Although noise levels of between 75 and 80 dB(A) also apply to motorcycles, depending on engine capacity, motorcycles are often perceived to be much louder than passenger cars. Riding behavior plays a decisive role here. The majority of bikers in the Sauerland behave considerately and avoid high-speed driving in built-up areas or other noise-sensitive places. Be an example to the minority who do not!

In the past, tampering with the exhaust or installing particularly "sporty" sounding replacement exhaust systems were among the preferences of many drivers. In the meantime, there are clear regulations on this and word has spread that this is not a "trivial offense" and, incidentally, also completely pointless.

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