Motorcycling in the Sauerland

The Sauerland is without question a paradise for relaxed bikers, because here motorcycling means a bit of freedom and quality of life. This is ensured by a wealth of challenging yet varied tours, combined with interesting sights, biker-friendly restaurants and certified accommodation. Factors that make the Sauerland one of the most popular regions for motorcyclists who love the countryside in NRW and even Germany. And what more could you want than to discover and enjoy the landscape with its idyllic lakes, picturesque valleys and vast forests on a relaxed ride with friends or on your own?

A small fine motorcycle tour through the beautiful Sauerland region

Outdooractive Tour Fallback Bild

Route: 108km | Duration: 1:33h | Ascent: 1564m | Descent: 1564m

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TOUR 1 - The Borderland Tour

Motorradfahren im Sauerland

Difficulty: easy | distance: 163.4km | duration: 2:20h | ascent: 2102m | descent: 239m

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TOUR 2 - The Hochsauerland Tour

Bilick in die sauerländer Landschaft

Difficulty: easy | distance: 253.8km | duration: 3:38h | ascent: 3962m | descent: 3963m

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TOUR-3 Three Lakes Tour


Route: 115km | Duration: 4:1h | Ascent: 1369m | Descent: 1368m

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TOUR-4 Around the Biggesee and Listersee lakes


Distance: 112.2km | Duration: 3:31h | Ascent: 1507m | Descent: 1507m

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TOUR-6 Between Homert and Rothaargebirge Mountains


Distance: 149.9km | Duration: 2:9h | Ascent: 2181m | Descent: 2179m

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