The Sauerland Caves

Five very special caves have joined forces to form the "Sauerland Caves" cooperation as part of Regionale 2013 in Südwestfalen. The Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn, the Heinrichshöhle in Hemer, Balver Höhle and Reckenhöhle in Balve as well as the Bilsteinhöhle in Warstein have made it their task to protect the caves as a natural and cultural heritage, to explore them in a manner appropriate to the monument and by means of modern scientific methods and to make them accessible to the public. In the five show caves of the "Sauerland Caves", we therefore have the opportunity to bring people closer to the "natural wonder of caves" and to teach them how to handle caves responsibly. Here we can show them that caving is adventure and science - and only what man knows, he can also love and protect!

The Bilstein Cave

The Dechenhöhle Cave

The Heinrichshöhle Cave

The Reckenhöhle Cave

The Balver Höhle



Only in Hemer! The stalactite-adorned realm of the cave bear at the foot of the rock sea The Heinrichshöhle is adorned with fantastic stalactite formations and has up to 20 m high fissures in its rear area.

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Ein Besuch der Dechenhöhle und des Deutschen Höhlenmuseums Iserlohn lohnt sich.

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Bilsteintal Dripstone Cave


A labyrinth of stalagmites, stalactites and other fantastic formations .

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