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Only in Hemer! The stalactite-adorned realm of the cave bear at the foot of the rock sea.

The Heinrichshöhle is decorated with fantastic stalactite formations and has up to 20 m high fissures in its rear area. The cave is famous for rich bone findings of ice-age animals, e.g. cave bear, mammoth, giant deer, cave hyane, woolly rhinoceros and many others. A 2.35 m long cave bear skeleton and the lifelike model of a cave bear are particularly impressive.







Felsenmeerstr. 7

58675 Hemer

Telefon: 02372-61549




The Heinrichshöhle is open on weekends and during the NRW vacations also on Wednesdays.

Heinrichshöhle is a dripstone cave in the Sundwig district of Hemeran with distinctive river cave profiles and fissures and crevices over 20 meters high. It is part of the Perick cave system of over 3 km total passage length. Over 300 meters long, the cave is developed as a show cave and equipped with electric lighting, so that it can be visited comfortably.

Rules of conduct:

  • Masks (FFP2 or surgical masks!) are required on the fenced outdoor area, in the cave house and in the cave itself.
  • Visitors must provide their contact details (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) on a form available in the cave house.
  • A cave tour lasts about 35 minutes. Only small groups are allowed in the cave. Photography is allowed!
  • During the main visiting hours between 13-15 hrs, there may be waiting times if there are too many visitors, and the cave area may have to be closed for a short time.
  • The usual hygiene measures such as spacing, disinfecting hands, etc. must be observed.
  • The toilet facilities must remain closed
  • The instructions of the cave staff must be followed


Kinder (3-15 Jahre): 4,00€
Erwachsene: 5,00€
Kinder (ab 15 Personen): 2,50€
Erwachsene (ab 15 Personen): 4,50€
Familienkarte: 15,00€

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