Die Heinrichshöhle

Der Höhlenführer bringt mit einer Taschenlampe einen Tropfstein zum leuchten.

Heinrichshöhle is one of the most bone-rich sites in Germany. Thousands of bone remains from the Ice Age (about 30,000 years old), a 2.35 m long complete cave bear skeleton, a lifelike replica of the cave bear and the cave hyena leave visitors amazed. Fantastic sparkling stalactites and sinter formations up to 230,000 years old line the paths. You will pass fantasy formations such as "little washerwoman, fish in the pantry, Cologne Cathedral, beehive" and "leaning tower of Pisa". The guided walk is bathed in a natural impressive light from the LED lighting completed in 2014. Part of the first lighting system from 1905 has been preserved as a technical monument. In the front part, the formed passage profiles show the dissolving power of the water on the approx. 380 million years old limestone, which has become effective over many decades. In the rear part the visitor is amazed by the up to 20 m high fissures. The Heinrichshöhle is part of a 3.2 km long cave system that has been explored so far.

The normal tour of this magical underground kingdom lasts about 40 minutes. Special thematic tours, educational programs and guided tours for children are offered.

Here you will find all important information at a glance:

Karte mit der Heinrichhöhle

Arrival by bus and train: by train to Altena station (RE16/RB91), then bus line 33 to "Hemer ZOB"; by train to Iserlohn station (RE16, RB53), then bus line 1 to "Hemer ZOB"; by train to Menden station (RB54), then bus line S4 to "Hemer ZOB"; from Hemer ZOB with MVG bus line 2 to "Sundwig Meise" stop.

By car: Take the A46 towards Iserlohn until the end, then follow the B7 towards Hemer for about 2 km. In Hemer turn right onto "Im Ohl" and follow the signs to "Felsenmeer" until you reach Sundwig. Free parking in Sundwig, approx. 5 min. walk to the cave.

Opening hours additional for groups by appointment only

Entrance fees: Adults € 6.00, children (3 to 15 years inclusive) € 4.00, Reduced group rates from 15 participants: Adults: 5 €; Children/youth up to 15 years: 3,50 €; Family ticket (parents with own children or grandparents with own grandchildren): 17,50€

DiscoveryFirst exploration by Heinrich von der Becke in 1812
Total length / guided tourover 3 km (Perick system) / 320 m
Geoposition / altitude51.3785668° , 7.7769551° / approx. 250 m above sea level

Other destinations in the area

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(Former) forge and bakehouse

Die Gebäude der historischen Anlage

The historical building of the former blacksmith's shop is an 18th century building.

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(Barbecue) huts for rent in the area of Sundern

Die Grillhütte in Stemel

Barbecue area in Sundern!

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Abel's Hofladen


The farm store of the Abel tree nursery is located in Möhnesee-Stockum.

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Abenteuerspielplatz Allendorf


Playground in Sundern!

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Abenteuerspielplatz Halver

Abenteuerspielplatz Halver

The great adventure playground in the heart of the small town of Halver, which is located on the border between the Märkisches Sauerland and the Bergisches Land, is a great destination for families with younger and older children.

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Adventure Golf Möhnesee


...man-sized rocks, winding paths, natural watercourses and beats up to 50m long!

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Aero Club Attendorn

Flugzeuge des Aeroclub Attendorn

The Aero Club Attendorn is a group of enthusiastic model pilots.

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Ahauser Stausee

Das Kraftwerk am Ahauser Stausee

The Ahauser Stausee is a reservoir on the territory of the city of Attendorn and the municipality of Finnentrop and today belongs to the Ruhrverband.

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Der Ahehammer im Ahetal

The Ahe-Hammer is one of the most beautiful technical cultural monuments in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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AIRlebnis - Ballonfahrten


Just take off.

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Alpaka Farm Inti

Alpakas auf den grünen, weitläufigen Wiesen

On the Alpaka Farm Inti in Kierspe there are different offers for young and old, there is something for every taste.

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Alte Mühle - Frettermühle

Blick auf die Frettermühle

This flour mill, which has existed for more than 600 years and has been in the family for over 200 years, was still in operation until 1983 and has been preserved with all its mechanical equipment.

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Alte Pastorat

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

The Alte Pastorat is a former rectory and today the seat of the Menden parish association with a parish office.

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Old customs station

Beispielbild Gastronomie

Auflugslokal with Biergarten directly at the SauerlandRadring

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Old half-timbered house Stockebrand


Cultural and meeting place which is regularly used by the Kulturverein and Heimatverein Möhnesee for exhibitions of local artists, readings and musical events.

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Old town hall with heraldic tower

Altes Rathaus - Maximilianbrunnen

The Old Town Hall, built in 1710, was the seat of the Parliament until 1803.

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Old Town Hall and Municipal Library


Dorte Hilleke Library - Old Town Hall Municipal Library and Cultural Office

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Altstadt Lüdenscheid

Die Lüdenscheider Altstadt aus der Vogelperspektiv

Mit ihrem unverwechselbaren historischen Grundriss und dem zum größten Teil gut erhaltenen Baubestand aus dem Mittelalter und der Gründerzeit ist die Altstadt Lüdenscheids Anziehungspunkt für Besucher aus nah und fern.

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Logo der Altstadtbühne

Das Kneipentheater in der Lüdenscheider Altstadt Die Spielsaison geht von November bis April

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Altstadtführungen Neuenrade

Neuenrader Modell

Stadtführungen durch Neuenrade

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Amecke Promenade with Airlebnisweg

Der Sorpediamant

Promenade in Amecke with "Airlebnisweg". An exciting trail for young and old!

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Angelbootvermietung Möhnesee

Logo Angelbootvermietung

Einsteigen, hinsetzen, losfahren Der Service vom Angeler für Angler

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Sorpesee fishing


Your fishing pleasure at Sorpesee The fishing area at Sorpesee offers you as a passionate angler everything your heart desires.

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Fishing in Wenholthausen

Angelmöglichkeit am Essmecke-Stausee

Fishing from mid-March to October in the Wenne River or the Esmecke Reservoir for overnight guests in Wenholthausen.

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Fishing licenses and boat badges


Prices and points of sale for fishing licenses and boat badges here

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Annette und Stephan Jundt


Aus der Region - für die Region Das flüssige Gold der Bienen

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Antik Scheune Lothar Futter Allendorf

Scheue oben

Anitiquitäten in Sundern!

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Apollo Service Cinema


It stands in bright red in the middle of the street: The Apollo Service Cinema in Altena may be small, but it's hard to miss.

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Die Apostelkirche in Herscheid

In terms of art history, the Apostelkirche is one of the most striking sacred buildings in the Sauerland.

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Arnsberger Manufakturen - distillery, coffee roastery

Destille außen

The family owned distillery is located in the heart of the Altstadt of Arnsberg

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Arnsberger Mühlenbräu - pub brewery


Arnsberg has a brewery again: "Gasthausbrauerei Arnsberger Mühlenbräu"!

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Arnsberg castle ruin

Plateau Schlossruine

Once the ascent is completed, you can enjoy a magnificent view from the plateau of the castle ruins.

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Atta cheese - The original from Atta-Höhle


Cheese delight matured in the depths of the Atta-Höhle.

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Attendorn Fire Brigade Museum

Feuerwehrmuseum Attendorn


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Attendorner Senfmühle - Sauerlandsenf


SauerlandSenf Naturally from the region - made in the Attendorn mustard mill, which was specially made by a millwright.

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Attendorn dripstone cave

Die Atta-Höhle

The total length of the Atta-Höhle measures 6. 670 meters of which about 1.

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Audio Guide History Tours


Discover Plettenberg's city history by bike on your own.

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The Auferstehungskirche in Arnsberg was built under Schinkel's supervision between 1822 and 1825.

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View Ochsenkopf

Blick auf Arnsberg

Wonderful viewpoint with magnificent view

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Aussichtsplattform Neuenrade

Blick auf Neuenrade

Enjoy the view of Neuenrade and its surroundings from the Aussichtsplattform Neuenrade above the Waldstadion!

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Aussichtspunkt Dröschede Arische Platte

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Die Arische Platte in Dröschede ist ein Aussichtspunkt mit einem fantastischen Blick über Iserlohn und den Umkreis.

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Aussichtspunkt Großer Attig

Blick auf Neuenrade

Directly from the Sauerland-Höhenflug you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view far over Neuenrade from the top of the "Großer Attig".

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Aussichtspunkt Homertgipfel

Blick von der Homert

Breathtaking views are possible from the top of the Homert.

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Aussichtspunkt Nahe Oberbecken

Oberbecken Rönkhausen

Below the Pumpspeicherwerk Rönkhausen, the Sauerland-Höhenflug runs along a panoramic path with a magnificent view.

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Aussichtspunkt Sterlberg

Aussicht von Bank

Near the small village with the unusual name Faulebutter is this beautiful viewpoint directly on the Sauerland-Höhenflug.

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Aussichtsturm Ebberg in Balve - Eisborn


In 2013 erected observation tower on the Ebberg near Balve-Eisborn.

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Aussichtsturm Karlshöhe

Der Aussichtsturm in Halver

Enjoy the distant view from the Aussichtsturm Karlshöhe in Halver at a height of 23.5 meters.

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Aussichtsturm Langscheid

Der Aussichtsturm

Viewpoint in Sundern!

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Aussichtsturm Schomberg Wildewiese

Der Schombergturm

Viewpoint in Sundern!

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Car Service Stratenschulte


Trusted and reliable contact for the maintenance or repair of cars.

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Bathing place Delecke


The bathing area in Delecke offers direct access to the Westphalian sea, as well as a large sunbathing lawn.

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Railroad history at the SauerlandRadring

Bahnsignal am SauerlandRadring

Cyclists who cycle along old railroad routes can discover various historic railroad signs between the villages of Wennemen and Berge in Meschede.

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Bahnhof Arnsberg-Neheim

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Der Bahnhof Arnsberg-Neheim liegt im Ortsteil Arnsberg-Hüsten.

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Arnsberg/Westf. train station

Bahnhof Arnsberg/Westf.

Arnsberg/Westf. train station

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Freienohl train station
Freienohl train station


Train station in Meschede-Freienohl

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Plettenberg-Eiringhausen train station

Bahnhof Eiringhausen

In the course of the construction of the Ruhr-Sieg line Hagen-Siegen by the Bergisch-Märkische Eisenbahn, 13 stations and stops had been built between Hagen and Siegen.

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Außenansicht des Bakelitmuseums

The first plastic is called Bakelite, also known as the fabric of a thousand things, and was patented in 1907 by inventor Leo Hendrik Baekeland.

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Discover the world from above, floating comfortably, that's what a balloon ride promises.

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Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Der Ballotsbrunnen ist ein Traditions- und Brauchtumsort in Iserlohn.

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Balve Optimum


Austrageort der Deutschen Meisterschaften im Dressur-und Springreiten bis 2025

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Balver Höhle - Größte Kultur-(Hallen-) Höhle Deuts

Rockfestival in der Balver Höhle

Die Balver Höhle – ein deutschlandweit einzigartiger Veranstaltungsort.

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Barefoot path and selfie point

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Two new highlights in Altena-Evingsen

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Wippekühl farmhouse

Der Eingang zum Bauernhaus Wippekühl

The farmhouse of the old Wippekühl farm has not been significantly changed in the last 400 years, but has been extensively restored.

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Farm Bühner

Kühe auf dem Bauernhof Bühner

Farm store Not far from the L561 between Lüdenscheid and Herscheid lies the farm of the Bühner family.

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Farm Herberg


The Herberg farm in Wippringsen offers various products directly from the farm.

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Farm Schulte

Kuh des Hofes

Farm Schulte sells regional products from happy animals.

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Farm magic farm Hesse

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Are you looking for an exciting and eventful day in the fresh air?

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Farm shop at the town hall square

Bauernlädchen Tomate-Mozzarella-Platte - © Bauernlädchen am Rathausplatz

Regional, handmade, delicious - with this motto you can comfortably enjoy the Bauernlädchen at the Rathausplatz.

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Heated outdoor pool Valbert

Streblöcke und eine kleine Rutsche

If you need a wet cooling in summer, you should visit the open-air swimming pool Valbert.

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Bei Stavros


Pizzeria, Kiosk, Imbiss, Restaurant, Biker-Treff, große Terrasse (100 Plätze) mit Seeblick.

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Benedictine inn

©Benediktiner Wirtshaus

Enjoy the good life: with rest and time and a visit to the Benediktiner Wirtshaus Attendorn.

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Berger water mill

Berger Mühle

Old water mill on the Wenner Bach.

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Balve forest mountain peak

Weiter Blick über Balver Wald

The highest elevation of the Iserlohn heights is located at 546m in Hemer and is called "Balver Wald".

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Berndes Werksverkauf

Außenansicht Werksverkauf

At the BERNDES Werksverkauf, everything revolves around cooking, serving and decorating.

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Arnsberg district government

Blick auf die Regierung

The Arnsberg administrative district consists of five independent cities and seven districts with 78 municipalities belonging to the district.

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Library Sundern


Library in Sundern!

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Der Bieketurm

The Bieketurm is a fortified tower in Attendorn, which was part of the former city fortifications.

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Freienohl bee trail

Bienenlehrpfad Freienohl

Bee trail with 7 stations

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Bee trail in Meschede-Berge


The bee trail is a small paradise with a lot of information about the bee colony at the SauerlandRadring.

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Bikepark Wickede (Ruhr)

Logo Bikepark

Bikepark Wickede (Ruhr)

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Bikeshop Sundern


Shopping in Sundern!

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Organic and adventure farm Tiggeshof


Organic farm store and adventure farm. For current information and opening hours, please visit the website: www.

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Organic farm Nagel


Organic Beef & Organic Pork For current information on opening hours, please visit the website www.

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Organic store and village bakery Berghaus


The Berghaus family runs an organic farm with a focus on meat products.

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Am Bismarckturm

The Bismarckturm in Iserlohn was built in honor of the former German Chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck and is a landmark on the Seilerkuppe in the Seilerwald.

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Unfortunately, the Bismarckturm is closed for tours until further notice.

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Bismarckturm Möhnesee


The Bismarckturm is with 286 meters the highest elevation of the Haar between Soest and the Möhnetalsperre.

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Bistro at the market - Da Stipo


Welcome to Bistro Da Stipo - your bistro at the market in Freienohl!

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Blind city model of the Hanseatic city of Attendorn

Blinden-Stadtmodel der Hansestadt Attendorn

In the city center of the Hanseatic city of Attendorn you will find a blind city model of the Hanseatic city of Attendorn.

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Blox Boulder Hall Sauerland

Beim Bouldern

The BLOX is the bouldering hall for the Sauerland region.

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ESD Regional Center Noah's Ark


Protecting nature and using it in an environmentally conscious way so that nature and people benefit regionally, nationally and globally is the goal of our work at Achre Noah.

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Boccia/Boule on the village square in Wennemen


Fancy a game of bocce? Opposite the Sparkasse bank in Meschede-Wennemen you can play a game with your own balls.

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Bow course at WOOHOO Sorpesee

Bogen schießen

Archery in Sundern!

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Archery club BSV Sorpesee e.V. - Wild Geese


Shooting sports in Sundern!

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Boat rental in the lake park


Boat rental in the lake park.

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