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Die Bloggerin Eva Adamek alias Burgdame.

The motto of Eva Adamek's blog www.burgdame.de is "Travel, History, Culture, Nature", in which she reports on her excursions and travels, but also has book reviews and make-up tips ready for her readers.

Mystical places and historical sites were the destination of Eva Adamek aka Burgdame during her excursion in the Sauerland. Together with other participants of a "Blogger Retreat" in Hallenberg, the day trip took her first to Düdinghausen with the legendary Freistuhl and from there on to Schwalefeld to the remains of the historic Schwalenburg - both are among the total of 42 Sauerland-Seelenorte. You can find out more about their stay with us in the Sauerland on their blog www.burgdame.de

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