FAQ about the freeway closure

Here you will find answers to the most important questions about the closure of the A45.

Why and on which section is the A45 closed?
The A45 has been fully closed to all traffic between the Lüdenscheid-Nord and Lüdenscheid-Süd slip roads since the beginning of December 2021. During an inspection, the Autobahn GmbH of the federal government found damage to the Rahmedetal bridge. These affect the supporting structure and the bridge was immediately closed for safety reasons.

How long will the closure last?
Since the old bridge has to be blown up and a new structure planned and built, it is difficult to predict how long the A45 will be closed at this point. The Autobahn GmbH of the federal government reports on this: "The planning for the new replacement structure is currently running at full speed. An acceleration of the approval procedure is also being examined." Also Federal Minister of Transport Wissing announces that an acceleration and shortening of the processes are to be made possible. Numerous initiatives support this with their statements, emphasizing the importance of the route for the people, the economy and tourism in the region.

What impact will this have and who will be affected?
The A45 is one of the most important highway routes leading from the Ruhrgebiet and the Frankfurt area to the Sauerland. Also known as the "Sauerland Line," it is often referred to as the region's lifeline. With the closure of the Rahmedetal bridge, this arterial road is temporarily interrupted at a crucial point. Long-distance traffic is being diverted over a wide area via other highways, while traffic leading directly to the western and southern Sauerland is in turn being diverted via federal highways and through the towns, primarily Lüdenscheid. This will affect everyone who normally relies on fast transport connections: commuters, companies, freight forwarders, the entire economy. But also guests, who may now accept a longer journey by car, as well as the hosts and destinations, who fear and observe that fewer people come to visit. And, of course, the people in the Sauerland towns and villages who are affected by the increase in detour traffic.

Will I now not be able to get to the Sauerland at all?
Of course, it is still possible to get to the Sauerland - even by car. From a distance, traffic will be diverted via the A1, A3 and A46 freeways. In the Lüdenscheid area, it will be routed via detours through the Lüdenscheid city area. Those responsible are keeping a very close eye on traffic flows and trying to make adjustments as necessary. However, you can also reach most places via the dense network of federal and country roads. This hardly takes any longer and on the way you can expect a varied landscape, great views and lots of nature.

However, a journey to the western and southern Sauerland is also easily doable for guests by public transport. The Ruhr-Sieg-Express RE16 as well as the regional trains RB 25, RB 40 and RB 91 open up this part of the region between Hagen and Siegen, among others via the stations Hagen, Iserlohn, Altena, Werdohl, Plettenberg, Finnentrop, Lennestadt, Kirchhundem, Meinerzhagen, Kierspe, Halver and Lüdenscheid.

How can I conveniently plan my journey by car on alternative routes?
Alternative routes for travel by car can be planned on a daily basis via the website of the NRW Traffic Center. In addition to information on closures and traffic restrictions, the route planner also calculates rail connections and even a bicycle route as an alternative travel option.

What can I experience in the western and southern Sauerland?
The western and southern Sauerland - or in other words: the Märkischer Kreis and the Olpe district - are full of experiences and vacation feelings. This includes hiking and biking trails as well as excursion destinations, comfortable accommodations and appealing gastronomy. All of this is presented in detail on the Sauerland Tourism website. To get you in the mood, we would like to mention a few examples here: Lüdenscheid with the Phänomenta hands-on technology museum, Altena with the castle and the adventure elevator, Plettenberg with the AquaMagis adventure pool, the Volme and Hönnetal valleys with numerous nature adventure sites, the Biggesee lake with its offerings between Olpe and Attendorn, Finnentrop with the LennePark, Lennestadt with the Elspe Festival, Kirchhundem with the PanoramaPark, and, and, and ...

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