XXL bench


The XXL bench was jointly sponsored by ITH Meschede and Stadtmarketing Warstein e.V.. It is located on the access road to the Lörmecketurm.



XXL bench

Mescheder Landstraße

59581 Warstein



The 5-meter-long and 3-meter-high XXL bench is located on the access road to the Lörmecketurm, about 2 km from the Plackweg hikers' parking lot. The bench invites you to linger, because from up there it offers a breathtaking view in the direction of Meschede and the Hochsauerlandkreis. In addition, the bench is an attractive photo motif for young and old.

The XXL bench was built with PEFC-certified Douglas fir by the joinery Holz Kieseler from Warstein. Sponsor of the bench is the company ITH Schraubtechnik from Meschede as well as the city marketing Warstein e.V.

The municipal depot has prepared the area fall-proof and erected the 3.5-ton XXL bench.

We look forward to new photo motifs on or with the XXL bench! These can be posted under the hashtag #XXLbankwarstein.

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