Winterberg spa park pedal pool

Water treading

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In addition to a pedal pool, there are water features and seating.


Winterberg spa park pedal pool

Am Kurpark

59955 Winterberg

Telefon: 02981-92500


Walk in the "stork walk" through the cold water until after about 30 seconds you feel a strong cold sensation in your feet and lower legs - usually after a lap in the treading pool. To warm up the feet, walk along the barefoot path next door. This process can be repeated several times.

After treading water, just wipe off, put on stockings and shoes, and walk briskly until rewarming occurs. Treading water refreshes the feet, improves circulation problems and stimulates the circulation.

The treading pool is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rothaarsteig.

There is a parking lot in the immediate vicinity.
Parking guidance system: Oversum, Tourist Information

Business hours

Das Tretbecken ist ganzjährig frei zugänglich. Da sich dieses jedoch nur im Sommer zum kneippen eignet, wird das Wasser im Herbst abgelassen.



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