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This museum makes the "white gold" the protagonist of a gripping, sensual story about the development of the region and its people. The headquarters of the Salt Worlds is the historic Haulle farmstead in Bad Sassendorf.

Westfälische Salzwelten Bad Sassendorf


Westphalian Salt Worlds

An der Rosenau 2

59505 Bad Sassendorf

Telefon: 02921-9433435

Fax: 02921-9433429




Salt - mysterious, versatile & indispensable
The Westphalian Salt Worlds adventure museum takes visitors on a journey of discovery that traces the history of the white gold. In Bad Sassendorf and along the Hellweg, brine comes to light from which people have been extracting salt for centuries. Everyone knows the conventional sodium chloride, but it holds many secrets. The inconspicuous crystal is behind a surprising number of phenomena and things.

An adventure museum for all the senses
In the Westphalian Salt Worlds, visitors experience salt with all their senses and discover unexpected facets of the precious crystal. In addition to the formation of salt, its effect on the body, chemical experiments and the most modern applications of brine and mud, the history of salt extraction is in the foreground. By interacting and trying things out for themselves, all visitors playfully experience their own personal "salt" adventure in the adventure museum.

Special exhibitions
In addition to the interactive permanent exhibition, the Westphalian Salt Worlds present annually changing special exhibitions and inspire young and old museum fans with a wide variety of event formats. Whether it's salt boiling at the boiling pan, fragrant soaps and fire-breathing volcanoes at children's birthday parties or a classic guided tour of the museum, the adventure museum offers groups and individual visitors an attractive program.

Digital offerings
The virtual 360° guided tour provides an initial insight into the museum:
Salt Worlds at Home
Experiments as well as instructions for handicrafts and salty knowledge about the white crystal for the home can be found at: https://www.westfaelische-salzwelten.de/de/Salzwelten-fuer-Zuhause
Have fun trying it out!

Conference room
We offer a room in our cozy farmhouse for your conference. It can accommodate about 20 people. The following equipment is available by arrangement: Flipchart, laptop, screen and beamer, copier, W-Lan, microphone system.

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 10:00 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 17:00
Thursday 10:00 17:00
Friday 10:00 17:00
Saturday 10:00 18:00


Erwachsene: 7.50
Ermäßigt: 5.00
Kinder unter 6 Jahren: 0.00
Eintritt mit Kurkarte (Bad Sassendorf Card): 0.00
Schüler*innen im Klassenverband: 3.00
Familienkarte: 16.00
Familienkarte ermäßigt: 13.00
Jahreskarte: 20.00
Jahreskarte ermäßigt: 16.00
Jahreskarte Familie: 36.00

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