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Richard A. Cox 's work was created as part of the 1998-2001 Waymark Project of the Soest Cultural Parliament.



Waymark - Millennium Mamma

Haupstraße 19

59519 Möhnesee

Telefon: 02924 981391




This landmark also connects the past and the future. The Millennium Mamma towers six meters above the landscape. Like the figurehead of an explorer frigate, like the Nike of Samothrace, like the Emily on the Rolls Royce. And yet completely different.

Her posture conveys a sense of departure and purpose, her strength comes from her steadfastness. Rusty like the wreck of a tanker, yet with shine in its wings.

Built at the beginning of the new century, it seems controversial and conclusive at the same time, like a mediator between yesterday and tomorrow. And when at Easter, according to ancient custom, the flames of the Easter fire flicker just a few meters away, the "Mamma" seems to come to life.

Location: Wierlauker Weg 8, 59519 Möhnesee-Theiningsen

Further information under: https: //www.wegmarken-am-hellweg.de/

Image rights: Erhard Behrens

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